How To Select The Best Motorcycle Speaker For Your Bike

Bikes are fun. Bikes are adventurous. They bring out the free spirit of humankind in you. Any journey is incomplete without good music. Music is a companion for every trip you make. Therefore, it is important to select the best speakers for your motorcycle so that you are able to enjoy your journey completely. Here is the guide that will help you select the best speakers.

Buying Guide

Following are some main features that you should check out in the motorcycle speakers before making the purchase

• Audio Output

Being the most important aspect of the device, the audio output will determine how much you really enjoy the music. It should be crisp and loud enough to be audible even when you are driving your bike. With so many options available in the market today, you should test the speaker quality yourself before buying. If you are buying online, then you can read customers reviews to know about the features and quality of the model.

• Size of the unit

The size should be appropriate enough to fit on the handlebars or the helmet of the rider. Therefore, it is important to select the size keeping comfort level of the rider in mind. Too big speakers are ought to give you obstructions during your ride. Also, the audio output of the device will depend on its size. Make sure you strike a perfect balance.

• Power Source and Power Required

The power source of your speakers will play a very important role. Battery operated devices tend to exhaust out early. It is suggested that devices that are operated directly from the battery of the motorcycle should be purchased. This eliminate the need to carry separate disposable or rechargeable batteries along all the time.

The power required for the device to operate should also be considered. More wattage means more power output. But it also means that it will drain your battery faster. When travelling in cities, your choice should be low wattage devices that give not so loud audio. If you are travelling on highways, you might prefer high volume, high wattage equipment.

• Waterproofing

Waterproof device will give higher life and a worry-free ride. To avoid your device getting malfunctioned due to rain or spill of water, you should consider buying waterproof speakers. It will give you comfortable ride with music even when you are out in the rains, cruising on the highways. Water resistant device might not work well in storm conditions. You should know the difference between waterproof and water resistant before you buy a device. A waterproof device is always better than water resistant one.

• Extra features

Some device will come with extra features such as motion control, remote control or hand control. It will purely depend on your personal choice. Some devices have inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity so that you can go hands-free when it comes to song selection. Some device might even have a docking port to dock your mobile/iPod devices. You should select a device with features that will make your ride comfortable.


Music is an essential part of any journey. Even though motorcycles are noisy, some riders still love music to be a part of their ride. You should select the device which matches all the criteria mentioned above. Sound quality, waterproofing, power source and size should suit your requirements.

Five cheapest Bluetooth speakers

Unlike the early days of the invention of Bluetooth speakers when they were highly priced at over $100; today there are many brands creating powerful Bluetooth speakers at budgets of less than $50. Many Bluetooth speakers are designed in small, portable sizes and mostly splash proof due to the nature of their use which is mostly outdoor activities. The following five speakers are the cheapest Bluetooth speakers available in the market today.

1. DKnight Magicbox II
The Magicbox II is a small rectangular speaker measuring 6X2X1.6 inches and is not so popular for its sound but rather for its price because it retails at $34. This speaker comes equipped with a passive radiator which basically boosts the low frequencies to give a deeper pump on the baseline of your sound. With a 2000mAH battery also fitted in it, the Magicbox II can serve you with uninterrupted playback sound for up to 10 hours.

2. Anker Soundcore
Retailing at only $35 on Amazon, the Anker Soundcore is a rectangular shaped Bluetooth speaker that comes equipped with control buttons on its top so that you can control the volumes, play, pause or stop your sound right from the speaker itself. The Soundcore has extended its Bluetooth range to over 60ft making it very effective for large spaces.

3. CB3 Ultra Slim Bluetooth speaker
Measuring at only 8.5X4X1.8 inches, this is indeed an ultra slim speaker developed by CB3. This speaker is designed with an aluminum body and maintains a rather light weight making it very ideal to carry in your bag or pockets. To make it even cooler, this speaker has a suspended bass radiator that adds an interesting pump on the low frequency sounds. It has a battery life of 8 hours and retails for about $49 on Amazon.

4. JBL Clip +
Known for their exceptional quality speakers, JBL have added another Bluetooth speaker to their products list following the success of the “original clip”. The Clip + is designed with a handle that clips just like the original one which was loved by many users for its capability to clip on a bag pack or loop while on the outdoor activities. The Clip + not is not only locked to play wirelessly via Bluetooth but is also equipped with 3.5mm audio cable to enable those without wireless devices to enjoy their music too. To make it even one of the best cheapest Bluetooth speakers available, this JBL Clip + retails for only $35.

5. Omaker M4
The Omaker M4 uses the Bluetooth 4.0 technology and makes it easier to connect to your devices. It can give quality sound up to a range of 33 feet and it’s very small and portable. The Omaker is also designed with an audio driver which has a subwoofer that boosts the bass and maintains the clarity with no distortions even on high volumes. The battery life of this speaker is an outstanding 12 hours of continuous playtime and it only takes 3 hours to fully charge it on USB. To top up all these great features, this speaker is splash proof, shock proof and retails at only $26.

There are many other Bluetooth speakers that retail cheaply at less than $100 but these five are the best performing speakers retailing at below $50.